Hello Ladies,

Welcome to my blog. I’m sure you all know, there is a lot of information out there about hair care. Some true but most not. There’s Youtubers and web influencers, many whom are NOT licensed professionals. With that being said, instead of complaining about clients being misinformed I’ve decided to create this blog. With over 15 years behind the chair and numerous advanced training classes I’ve seen and experienced a lot. As some of you know i have a “robust” sense of humor, so this blog will be informative and somewhat entertaining.
I will post hair tips and  lost of useful information as well as salon specials and product availability.  If there is anything that you would like me to write about simply click ‘contact’ on the home page and fill out the form.
 Pixies, bobs, blow-outs and weaves. its always great to start a new season with a fresh cut and styles. But don’t forget about color  Adding a pop of color and enhance any style. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist about a color service or schedule a consultation. Remember color is a commitment. You must come in consistently for conditioning treatments and trims to maintain the integrity of your hair.
If you are using a flat iron on your hair daily, STOP NOW AND STEP AWAY FROM THE FLAT IRON. There is a myth out there that as long as you are using heat protectant your hair wont be heat damaged. NOT true. Always us heat protectant, yes, however, if you are using heat daily that is excessive and will will experience dryness, shedding and breakage. 1-2 times per week is all you should need. If you are guilty schedule a treatment and trim and turn from your wicked ways.
Home care is very important. When we visit our doctor’s office and he/she prescribes medication or some kind of change in diet or lifestyle, if we don’t follow the doctor’s recommendations there are consequences to our health. The same is true when you make a visit to your hairstylist. At WWHS we are using some of the best product lines in the business. Its important to maintain your hair using the same or you can ‘undo’ the good works of your stylist. Its really a team effort. We have Design Essentials, Moroccanoil, Nairobi, Kera Care Wax stick, Paul Mitchell Foaming  Pomade(mainly for naturals), Satin wraps and brushes and Virgin Hair Bundles all sold at the salon for your home care needs….also our online store will be coming soon…
Thank you all for your business. August 1, 2018 will be my 10 year salon anniversary. I feel better than blessed.
I love you all!!

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